Ive come to the conclusion that I'm borderline anti-social,
allow me to explain why...
i rarely go out to the usual shindigs hence why you don't see my face about,
my idea of living the life does not consist of abusing the same activities till the novelty wears off.
i.e clubbing, hanging out in pubs, drinking.. yada yada yada...

i constantly remind people not to get offended if i don't holla back,
although i do feel slightly bad for not getting in touch more often,
but understand fully... if i don't know you well.. it will be a hi & bye thing.
or how i like to call it "a meet and greet",
i know for sho i get labeled allot,
"argh he thinks he's too nice",
"argh he's feeling himself.." or the usual one "he thinks he's too good for us, like we're inferior",
truth of the matter is...

the only time i feel people are inferior to me is when they show a lack of communication skills, no individualism & no common sense.
as i mentioned before,
this isn't a place for begenniers or sensitive hearts - sade.

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