I think that kids should dress like me when they become a master. You not supposed to carry a gun unless you trained to carry a gun. You can’t do what the cowboys do. You can’t do what the Indians do. I’m a big guy; I’m not a little guy. There’s stages to this shit. I’m a professional. You can’t really go out wearing tights and Stephen Sprouse tights and shit. You don’t know how to do that. Stick to the skinny pants for right now. There’s phases—you just got out the baggy pants and the throwbacks! - Taz Arnold.



Taken from Blu(e)'s Album - HerFavouriteColour.



what is the difference between arrogant & being super confident?
which one am i if i could back up what i say?

answer in a post card please...



Ive come to the conclusion that I'm borderline anti-social,
allow me to explain why...
i rarely go out to the usual shindigs hence why you don't see my face about,
my idea of living the life does not consist of abusing the same activities till the novelty wears off.
i.e clubbing, hanging out in pubs, drinking.. yada yada yada...

i constantly remind people not to get offended if i don't holla back,
although i do feel slightly bad for not getting in touch more often,
but understand fully... if i don't know you well.. it will be a hi & bye thing.
or how i like to call it "a meet and greet",
i know for sho i get labeled allot,
"argh he thinks he's too nice",
"argh he's feeling himself.." or the usual one "he thinks he's too good for us, like we're inferior",
truth of the matter is...

the only time i feel people are inferior to me is when they show a lack of communication skills, no individualism & no common sense.
as i mentioned before,
this isn't a place for begenniers or sensitive hearts - sade.



Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.



i need more then sex to nourish my equilibrium... but i do need sex. - Roy Ayers.



they piss sex appeal,


oh didn't i?
then allow me to refresh your memory bit#h!




To my grandmother
her name is Asha Abdi
...she's been through the wars,
not the kind where it involved a waging of armed conflict against an enemy,
but the type where it involved a concerted campaign to end something that is injurious,
so she deserves the props for her mental strength and her will to give up her all for other mouths to feed,
...for also nurturing and molding a fine well presented, well behaved specimen you witness infront of you (myself) to what he is right now,
she deserves a nobel peace prize
..so please ladies and gentlemen join me as i appluad someone whos so dear to me & made a huge impact in my life, heres to you grandma! ;]..

R.I.P Grandma,
you won't ever be forgotten.



I woke up,
the date was March 15th 2009.
i could feel the sunlight as it crept through my curtins it nearly blinded me,
i just about forced my self to get up and look through my window and there it was...a feeling i haven't experinced since i was last on holiday...

a Beautiful Day.
it was a refreshing feeling,
it made my mind escape from my the pain that i endured from playing football the previous night...
now i know why life doesn't have more days like these,
makes me appreciate days like these more.



I was browsing the world wide web & came across this picture you see above which clearly had a stimulating effect on me, then an idea came to mind.. i wanted to see how the general members of the world wide web along with my social circle would react to such a picture.
So i posted it up on facebook their reaction was as expected, it was like it is forbidden & they would never indulge in such antics, which then made me ask them "WHY THE F#%K ARE YOU FRONTIN' YO?"
NOW I ASK! are common folks (Is what i define common folks as general Londoners) guilty of double standards? when its apparent that they treat themselves to a bite out of the space fruit behind closed yet when they are confronted about the matter they begin to get defensive..hm.
If I'm correct sex isn't a taboo subject anymore nor do we live in the 1950's. So why are people so stiff when it comes to sex but its NOT sex alone, but expressing themselves in general.. don't you feel limited? *sighs*
I sense a lack of satisfaction amongst the population of London, too many self centered individuals who rely on alcohol to enhance your personality.. and I'm sorry but once you depend on alcohol to "loosen you up" it just indicates to me your a DEAD FISH I'm aware that i am in not position to tell people how to live their lives but allow me to give you once piece of advise... stop being concerned about what others think and once you start living your life as you wish by your own means you will see life is worth living my friends.



i'll be sure to get my gordan ramsey on.