Despite recent news relating the tragic & sudden death of the great Micheal Jackson..
I'd like everyone to just honour his life and career and how he's touched us with his music growing up.. i know for sure i was shocked and gutted at the news and couldn't believe it but it just goes to show.. life's to short whilst tomorrow is never promised.

But none the less I'd like to divert your attention just a little bit to talk to you about the new project the all mighty SA-Ra titled "Nuclear Evolution - The Age Of Love".

Its not for beginners or sensitive hearts,
It's well thought through with some thought prevoking songs which i actually like.

My Favourite songs out of the album so far has to be "spacefruit" followed by "bitch baby",
I strongly suggest you invest towards that album.



i think my mood of late has been pretty self explanatory..
brain dead,
movements restricted,
lack of stimulation for the body & mind, i refuses to look at redbull as an alternative..

I've become tired of my surroundings including my occupation,
I'm @ a point in my life where i feel i need to begin my search for a way to express myself,
find something I'm extremely fond off and perfect it..
i don't want my name to be on that list saying "congratulations to Willie for working in this company for 40years".. the thought of that is skin cringing!

they say actions speak louder then words.. so i guess i need to start having faith in myself again.



It's been on repeat on my ipod and PC for a few days. . .