I was standing at the bus stop & heard a voice behind me say "Hi". . . ahh i just fell all apart inside because i haven't heard that voice in such a long time. . .



I must admit,
I still fantasizes about you,
my Friday night fix, *i smile*
she fed my every addiction yet i turn around and allow my selfishness to get the better of me.



i just learnt a lesson in life,
didn't realise i was that self obsessed,
so for that i don't think an apology is enough for unhappiness you experinced,
you said i didnt make you happy and im mad at myself for that because you deserved to be happy,
it certainly knocked the cool out of my walk,
i feel like a fish out of water,
not knowing what to do or where to go,
the things i was acustomed too things i found great comfort in are no longer there.

But there you go,
another learning curb in my life,
only if we could use the dreams of the blind to see..



The 4th & 5th of march marked for me the return of spring,
after an eventful morning on the 4th the sun started to shine on me come Saturday morning,
it felt good,
i felt good,

so i got up and went for a stroll by the river to get me some peace of mind.

# my life my life my life.......... in the sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiine #

pictures by yours truely.