I was browsing the world wide web & came across this picture you see above which clearly had a stimulating effect on me, then an idea came to mind.. i wanted to see how the general members of the world wide web along with my social circle would react to such a picture.
So i posted it up on facebook their reaction was as expected, it was like it is forbidden & they would never indulge in such antics, which then made me ask them "WHY THE F#%K ARE YOU FRONTIN' YO?"
NOW I ASK! are common folks (Is what i define common folks as general Londoners) guilty of double standards? when its apparent that they treat themselves to a bite out of the space fruit behind closed yet when they are confronted about the matter they begin to get defensive..hm.
If I'm correct sex isn't a taboo subject anymore nor do we live in the 1950's. So why are people so stiff when it comes to sex but its NOT sex alone, but expressing themselves in general.. don't you feel limited? *sighs*
I sense a lack of satisfaction amongst the population of London, too many self centered individuals who rely on alcohol to enhance your personality.. and I'm sorry but once you depend on alcohol to "loosen you up" it just indicates to me your a DEAD FISH I'm aware that i am in not position to tell people how to live their lives but allow me to give you once piece of advise... stop being concerned about what others think and once you start living your life as you wish by your own means you will see life is worth living my friends.

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